Our Home Staging team converted a third bedroom into a sensitive
storage area, reclaiming the rest of the house for living once again!
Our client had a combination of clutter,
disorganization and temperature sensitive
collectibles in every room of her home, leaving no
room to move or entertain friends & family.
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" I am basking in the glory of your magnificent
work.  I know that staging is supposed to
depersonalize a home so it appeals to the masses.

However, you have really captured the essence of
 me and my love of nature so beautifully in your
 work. The flow from outside to inside and room to
 room is just breathtaking.

When I walked in the door on Thursday night, I
immediately saw the big WOW factor
transformation.  Now that I have some time, I am
going room to room and admiring all the little
details and finishing touches. "

Kathy Z.
Camas, WA
A Testimonial:
Using a fixed shopping budget, we purchased furnishings,
artwork, plants & Accessories to give this room a completed
How do we do it?

Because we know how to make your room scale, we can
help you select furnishings that not only look good, but
once purchased, are going to FIT in your room, giving it an
uncluttered feel, while enhancing the charm and features of
the room.

Our years of experience in Home Staging gives us the
ability to combine existing furniture into cohesive
groupings and then accent them with just the right size
pieces to give each renewed room that

 We're geared to shop!  We have
furniture manufacturers and distribution companies that
provide us value added services to help us shop for your
new pieces, while saving you money!
We are currently offering our 2-hour
Home Staging consultations for only

What you get are:
* 2 Accredited Staging Professionals
* 2 hours of detailed ideas on how you
can give your home that
"Just Staged Look"!
Just like on TV???

Our results have been compared to some of those well  known
TV shows...
but we're really here and so are you.

  Staging your home for living is an extraordinary way to give your
    home a fresh new look!  We can change the look of your home
     without an expensive home“make-over”, using your furniture and
       decor items.

        Some homes merely need to be, de-cluttered, tidied up, the
          furniture re-grouped and pictures moved to better make use of
           the space in each room.

             As Home Staging experts we know how to recapture the
              beauty of your  home’s full  potential,
do it on a budget!  

            We can either do it for you, or show you HOW!
Call today to schedule your
"Professional, Reliable &