In giving you the best advantage to present and sell your home above
other homes in the same class with a professional, prompt and friendly

One of our Teams poses for a shot!
About Our Business


We are happy to meet with Real Estate, Lenders, Escrow professionals,
as well as other interested groups to provide useful information on the
advantages of Home Staging.  

Our presentations can take as little as 10 minutes on up.

We provide a slide presentation comprised of
"Before & After"
pictures of some of our projects accompanied by a narrative on:

  • the advantages of Home Staging,
  • Services we offer,
  • Staging tips and
  • a high level review of the fees for our services.

Typically there's a 5 - 10 minute Q&A at the end.

To find out how you can schedule a presentation for your group,
please call our office.

  • The BEST OPPORTUNITY to stand out in a competitive market and sell
    your home, your most valuable investment, for top dollar!

  • PRESENTATIONS HOME STAGING has Accredited Professional home
    stagers leading our Home Staging Teams.  We provide:

  • Quality 1 day stage, 1 day de-stage with a team of professionally
    trained stagers.

  • Our own inventory of furniture, artwork, accessories and plants
    available on a month-to-month basis.

  • The opportunity for homeowners to move on with their lives,
    hassle free, while we prepare their home for sale
"Our recent survey results from the Home & Garden Idea Fair
indicate the 2008 show was one of our most successful.  Your
outstanding presentation was part of what made the show
exceptional.  We wish to express our thanks for your
participation and look forward to working with you in the

Julie M.
Clark Public Utilities
Presentations Home Staging was founded in March of 2006 by owners Butch &
Sheila Reynolds.  They have consistently transformed average homes into "WOW!" homes
even before they started their company.  It has become common place for the Staging
Projects completed by them, to transition from "Staged . . . to . . .SOLD" within weeks.

Presentations Home Staging is comprised of  Accredited Staging Professionals
(ASP) that have earned their accreditation from StagedHomes.com and Barb Schwarz, the
founder of Home Staging as early as the late 70's.  At
Presentations Home Staging
we work in home stager teams and in almost all our projects Stage a home in one day
(provided there are no other "conditions" i.e. paint, general repairs, carpet cleaning, etc).

Our stagers have staged homes from Depoe Bay to Whidbey Island, including Olympia,
Tacoma, and Manzanitta, OR.  We're always available to you, just need to give us a call to
schedule your home staging project.

Butch & Sheila are also the founders of  the Vancouver, WA Chapter of the International
Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP).  They have volunteered their
time in order to continue their desires to reach out to the regional Real Estate community,
while educating the general public on the incredible benefits that Home Staging will have
on their property sales.
"Professional, Reliable &
Ranked Us
for 2 consecutive